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In ruling on motion for new trial under Rule 24.1 (c)(1), the Court may weigh the evidence. In weighing the opinions of the three blood experts, the Court finds that the testimony of Mr. Reeves, a seasoned and experienced blood spatter expert was highly credible in regard to interpreting the blood spatter found on …… hands.

Mr. Reeves is a respected blood spatter expert, with experience dating back to 1974.

…….. The Court grants the Defendant's request for a new trial pursuant to Ariz.R.Crim.P. 24(c)(1) based upon the Court's finding that the verdict is contrary to the weight of the evidence. The verdict is thus set aside and a new trial is hereby granted. The Defendant is no longer non-bondable. …….

Superior Court of Arizona,
Maricopa County (2014)

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Forensic Consultant, Tucson AZ
Founder of BPA Consulting


Deputy Chief-Investigative Section (Retired)
Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office
Woodbury, New Jersey


Norman Reeves was a New Jersey police officer for the period between August 1966 and August 1991. Norman Reeves performed the duties of a patrolman, detective, detective/sergeant while employed by the Pitman, New Jersey Police Department from May 1966 (U.S.Army- May 1967-March 69 - Vietnam duty Oct 67-Oct 69) through January 1974 .
In January, 1974, Norman Reeves joined the staff of the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office, Woodbury New Jersey, working as a County Detective, Detective Supervisor, Lieutenant of County Detectives, Captain of County Investigators and Deputy Chief, responsible for the duties of the Investigative Staff of the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office.
August 1991 Norman Reeves retired honorably following a 25 year police career and began consulting privately in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis.


Bloodstain pattern analysis has been conducted by Norman Reeves since 1975 on a continuing basis and is the first person to testify in this field, in the State of New Jersey.

Cases investigated by Norman Reeves have been used as a course material by the New Jersey State Medical Examiner's Office.
Consultation was requested and provided to:

  • The Philadelphia Police Department
  • Private attorneys in the Commonwealths of Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
  • Public Defender, Commonwealths of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
  • Federal Public Defender Massachusetts
  • Private attorney Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • New Jersey State Medical Examiner
  • New Jersey Attorney General's Office
  • New Jersey Public Defenders
  • Various law enforcement agencies in New Jersey such as the counties of Burlington, Essex, Atlantic, Middlesex, Sussex, Salem, Camden, Cumberland and other local jurisdictions within Gloucester County.
  • Private attorney State of Maryland
  • Private attorney State of Kentucky
  • Private attorney State of Florida
  • Private attorney Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Private attorneys State of Arizona
  • Private attorney State of New Jersey
  • Public Defender State of Arizona
  • Deleware States Attorney Office
  • Scottsdale Arizona Police Department
  • US Attorney, District of Arizona
  • State Public Defender, Ely Nevada
  • Commentator Court TV NC. v Peterson
  • Royal Thai Police, Bangkok Thailand
  • Military Defender, Baghdad, Iraq
  • County Attorneys Office, Maricopa County Arizona
  • County Attorneys Office, Pima County Arizona
  • Advocate, Pretoria South Africa